Remote 4 Help

Remote 4 is designed to view your ONVIF or RTSP Cameras on real time, while at the same time having buttons that send HTTP/HTTPS requests to do different things like opening a garage door or turning a light on.

If you have a problem, find a bug or would like another functionality, send me an email at


Design Controls
Configure Cameras
Configure Buttons
Configure JSON Data Sources
Copy and Paste Controls
Set up configuration JSON File
Control Usage


Setup is very simple. First you need to design your control with the control builder and then add actions to the button and cameras

Design Controls

On the main screen, go to Configure > Change type...
The interface is self explainatory, you can add or remove lines with + and -
You can change the control segments from one or two cameras to one to five buttons.
You can also save the controls with the Save button.
If you are in a hurry, you can chose one of the pre built controls in the bottom part of the screen.
Once you are ready, press Select to save you desired control.

Configure Cameras

On the Configure screen, search for the cameras you want to configure.
The only mandatory field is URL.
Use the URL of your RTSP camera.

Each camera has it's own URL so check with the camera provider to confirm the exact one.
You can stream basically anything that FFmpeg or VLC can.
A Label can be defined for the camera for your reference (optional).

Configure Buttons

Again, on the Configure screen, search for the buttons you want to configure.
The only mandatory field is URL, but in this case a Label is strongly recomended
Use any URL to make an HTTP or HTTPS request.
Labels are very easy to setup.
You can use Text, Emojis or 2 Line Text using the | character as a separator.
Lights Spa

Configure SON Data Sources

You can add a JSON Data Source to get dynamic information and display it in your control.
To do this, click on th a Add button on the upper right corner on the configure screen and selecting JSON Data Source
Now just fill the URL field with the address of the JSON file. You can also add a Name and a Reload Time (10 seconds is the default)
To see the data you will need a Data View. You can also use the info the the button Labels
Then add a Data View, by clicking on Change Type and use the right arrow in and of the control elements until you see 123... in the element. You can chosee different types and sizes.
Now go back to configure screen by pressing Select.
You will now see one or multiple Data Views
You can now change the Label or the Value with a mix of static and dynamic content.
In the form {N.JSON_PATH} where N is the JSON file and JSON_PATH is the path to the value you want.

JSON File 1:
{"name":"Alice", "surname":"Smith", "kids":
[{"name":"Bob", "surname":"Dole"},
{"name":"Charly", "surname":"Johnson"}]}
JSON File 2:
{} >>> Alice
{[0].name} >>> Bob
{[1].surnaname} >>> Johnson
{2.temperature} >>> 12
Temp:{2.temperature} >>> Temp:12
{} ({2.temperature}) >>> Alice (12)

Copy and Paste Controls

To copy a the configuration of your controls, go to Configure and tap on Copy. All your configuration of all your controls will be copied to the clipboard in JSON format. You can paste it in a Text Editor and change whatever you want.
You can tap on Paste to paste the configuration you just edited and copied.

Set up configuration JSON File

If you need to configure multiple controls or just want to have a centralizad configuration you can host the configuration JSON File in any web server.

Control Usage

Usage is simple, your cameras will connect automatically, disconnect when you lock the phone or leave the app and reconnect when you come back. Once buttons are pressed a pink turning circle will indicate that the request is ongoing. If it dissapears the request was sent OK. If the circle bounces 3 times, then there was an error in the request.
If you need any more help, send an email to
This is a personal, non profit app that I made for myself and I will be adding more feautures to it.
If you want any new functionality send my an email and I will se what I can do.